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It has been my pleasure to know and work with Doris Dressler for over 17 years.    Doris is not only a great person and friend, but a fantastic trainer and lover of dogs.  Her experience as a service dog trainer for Canine Assistants is invaluable in the training of family pets and working with their owners, regardless of the challenges faced.  Doris spent years not only training dogs, but also designing individualized plans for treating behavioral and training issues encountered by service dog owners.  She has all the knowledge and skill needed and is a fun and positive person you'll enjoy working with and getting to know.


If you are looking for a kind, gentle, enthusiastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge and experience, I'd highly recommend calling Doris!

Kent A. Bruner, DVM
Managing Director and Staff Veterinarian
Canine Assistants, Inc.



Doris Dressler has made a huge difference in the adoptions for Big Canoe Animal Rescue.  Not only do the dogs learn obedience, but the owners learn to become good dog owners.  I have personally attended her classes and have seen what a difference they make.  Our rescue dogs learn basic commands before even being placed into a home.  Often, these dogs will continue on to advanced classes.  Most importantly, Doris has helped many shy rescue dogs transition into confident family pets through her positive training methods.  Doris is very professional and knowledgeable and makes learning fun for everyone.
Carol Monroe
Big Canoe Animal Rescue, Prior President

WOW!!!!  That is what most potential adopters say when they see all the things their potential adoptee can do, thanks to Doris.  Since Doris has started volunteering her time training dogs at the Big Canoe Animal Rescue our adoptions have increased.  What other shelter adopts out a dog that can sit, stay, down and heel?  Doris Dressler is a remarkable dog trainer, plus a kind, caring dog lover.  Our no kill shelter is so lucky to have her.


Jane Galvin
Big Canoe Animal Rescue, Prior President



As a dog trainer myself, I highly recommend Doris Dressler.  Her training style is unique because of her personable approach to teaching, as well as her knowledge and expertise in dog behavior and positive training methodology.  She is exceptional in her ability to relate to her clients and to bridge the communication gap between dog and human.  I highly respect and admire her skills and experience. 
Xalina LaBarge
Dog School 101, Marietta, Ga.



I have never taken a dog class before but had read that if I had problems with my dog, it was the owner - me - not my dog.  So when I signed up for Doris' class, I knew I would be learning more than the dog.  I loved the handouts, the YOUTUBE references, the activities.  I feel more knowledgeable since I have more tools and can now make it work for me and my dog.  I always thought that to successfully navigate through life, there were courses that were a must; this is one of them.  Thank you Doris for the wonderful way that you teach and for giving me the tools to begin to be a better dog owner.
Lori Razicka
Big Canoe, Ga. 



I have attended several lectures, dog handling and special focused training classes given by Doris Dressler.  Doris has the uncanny ability that helped coach me to think outside of the box in looking at individual ways to positively motivate my dogs and to address a variety of behavior issues that we were trying to overcome.   Her teaching approach helped me to understand positive methods and to evolve from the normal “one size fits all” training method, to understanding each dog, and to designing individual needs training approaches for each of them. This really enabled my dogs to better respond and to experience positive results and success.  One of the classes that I had the opportunity to participate in was “understanding dog body language.”  One of my dogs had difficulty with fear aggression, and this class really helped me to become more aware of signs of stress and fear, in advance of a negative response, so that we could redirect it to a positive experience.   Doris not only made me believe that my dogs could achieve anything, but she also helped me believe that I could be instrumental to do this, too.   She is wonderful helping people know how to best work with their dogs, in an encouraging, positive, can-do manner.  Doris is a wonderful dog trainer - I will continue to seek her guidance and support working with my pack!   

Christine McNamara
Head of Customer Support Americas, Travelport
Atlanta,  Ga.



Doris Dressler was an excellent resource for us after we had adopted our rescued female dog, Fuego.  We expressed our concerns about Fuego running off and Doris gave us demonstrations, written notes and recommended literature for us to read.  Additionally, she provided us with tips on focusing techniques such as encouraging our dog to look at us and training techniques to teach Fuego to sit and stay.  Her professionalism and genuine enjoyment of dogs and people made her a pleasure to work with.
Terry and Ginger Schamberger
Big Canoe, Ga.

I have had the good fortune to attend a variety of group dog handling classes taught by Doris Dressler.  Her classes are informative, creative and positive.  She not only conducts the class in a professional manner, but possesses an enthusiasm for dog training that is downright contagious and fun!
Carol Farren
Canton, Georgia


I worked extensively with Doris in the "home school" program at Canine Assistants, a non-profit charity which breeds, trains and places service dogs at no cost to the recipient.  Doris has an uncanny ability to read both the dog and "the other end of the leash"... me.  Her classes and methods were always positive, inspiring, and effective in getting what was needed from the dog and me.  She is creative, thinking "out of the box" to solve problems.  Her classes were always fun, informative and especially positive for the dog I was training and for me.  Her guidance over the years has been a great learning experience and she has worked tirelessly to help me improve my training/handling skills in the training for service dogs.


Betty Haake
Atlanta, Ga.