Luvk9s Dog Training

                     Meet and greet at Ball Ground Hounds
             Saturday, Oct. 12 at 11 AM at Ball Ground Hounds

              245 Gilmer Ferry Road in downtown Ball Ground

Luvk9s is excited to be offering dog training classes at Ball Ground Hounds starting Friday, Oct. 18.  Interested in a puppy class (for pups 6 months and younger) or a basic class (for pups 6 months or older)?  Puppy class will meet at 9:30 am; Basic class will meet at 11 am.  Go to our SERVICES page for more information.


If you'd like to meet the trainer and get some free tips and tricks, come on out on Saturday for a fun (and free) meet and greet!  Bring your buddy down to Ball Ground Hounds; we'll look forward to seeing you out back in the canine courtyard!