Please try to exercise and tire out your dog before coming to class!  If classes are held indoors, be sure to potty your dog before entering the facility.

If possible, do not feed your dog before coming to early morning classes – we will be using treats, and your dog will be much more responsive if he is hungry.  For afternoon classes, please do feed your dog his breakfast.

When you arrive for class – please find the traffic cone with your name on it and place your comfort mat (see below) next to the cone.  Please wait next to your mat until the rest of your classmates arrive.  We will be introducing the dogs in a controlled manner, so please try to get to your spot as quickly as possible.


We have found that the same person handling the dog every week works best.  After all, we’re not only training the dog, we’re also training you.  If you DO want to take turns handling the dog, both handlers should be attending each class.


In case of bad weather, please check your email in the morning for information about whether or not class will be held.  For outdoor classes, I will contact you via E-Mail before class starts if class needs to be cancelled or moved to an indoor location.  I will also change my outgoing phone message, so you can also try calling my cell phone (in case I do not have access to E-mail).  If I do cancel class or change location, please let me know that you got the message that class was cancelled or moved either by leaving a message on my cell phone (call or text) or E-mailing me. 

Cell phone number is:  770-910-0423
E-mail address:


I will E-Mail you your homework no later than the next day along with any additional information you might need.



Please bring a bed, blanket or mat that your dog lies on and has his scent.  If this isn’t possible, please bring a towel and rub it all over your dog to capture his scent.  We’re looking for something we can lay down on the ground so all the dogs in class can smell the mat and learn about other dogs in class in an unobtrusive way.


Luvk9s recommends the limited-slip collar (also called a martingale, no-slip or half-check collar).  This collar prevents the dog from pulling free (“backing out” of the collar) but is loose enough to be comfortable with a slack leash.  For more information and to see a photo of the collar, go to and search on “martingale collar for dogs.”

Regular belt or buckle collars are also good to use, though the dog can “back out” of these types of collars quite easily.  Luvk9s prefers to stay away from using choke (chain slip) or pinch (spike prong) collars. 

Luvk9s also recommends the use of Gentle Leader Head Collars and Easy Walk Harnesses.  All of these products are available for purchase at Ball Ground Hounds and the staff will be happy to help you find the right fit/size. For classes held at Big Canoe, Luvk9s will have product available to fit your dog “on site.”  Body harnesses can work well with smaller dogs.


Luvk9s prefers the use of four or six-foot long leather or fabric leashes for class/training purposes.  For safety reasons, please do not use a retractable leash in class.


We will be using food (treats) when teaching our dogs new behaviors.  Treat totes or pouches are available online (just google “treat pouch dog”), available for purchase at Ball Ground Hounds and for classes held in Big Canoe, Luvk9s will have some available for purchase.  A fanny pack also works well for this purpose.


 Please bring “high value” treats for use in class.  Bil-Jac treats are good for this purpose.  Pupperoni’s also work well (cut into small pieces).  Dry dog biscuits usually do not work well when trying to motivate your dog to offer new behaviors in a distracting environment. 

 Luvk9s likes to use small pieces of hot dogs for training.  Left over meat, fish, cheese, etc. also works well for this purpose.  If you have any questions about what would be good to use for class, please call or E-Mail.

Luvk9s Dog Training