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              Holiday safety


Keeping your dog safe during the holidays by dog-proofing your home can be a challenging task. Christmas trees, decorations and holiday goodies provide constant temptations for our canine companions.

Another danger is increased activity at the front door. Between Amazon deliveries and holiday visitors, it’s easy for your dog to slip out the door.


            Dealing with door dashing

Be sure your pet is wearing a current identification tag and consider having your pet microchipped if you haven’t done so already.

Management is an easy solution; keep a leash hanging over the doorknob and attach it to your dog’s collar before you open the door.

An easy training solution to door dashing is to teach your dog to run away from the door instead of towards it. There are many methodical ways to teach this if you have the time, but this “quick fix” can do the trick as well.

  • Ring the doorbell. Show your dog that you have treats, yell “party time” (or whatever cue you prefer) and run towards your designated safe room.
  • When your dog follows you into the room, toss the treats on the floor.

  • Practice this several times a day.

  • Once your dog understands the game, have someone else ring the doorbell and when you get to the safe room, start closing the door or putting up a doggie gate.


Over time, your dog will probably beat you to the safe room as soon as he hears the cue.


Click HERE for a detailed explanation of how to teach this.


Happy training!